The untold secrets of passing your most difficult subject

Students fear in class is usually the subject which he thinks as very difficult for him. This is true. I’ve talked to many students and all of them have different opinions. My friend Jack Harmon of Nevada says his most difficult subject is Math while my friend Rothe McGiver of Switzerland also tells me she fear History because she find it very difficult to memorize historical events. Many students also fear English, Economics, Science and other school subjects.

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Here are basic tips how to pass your feared and most difficult subject so that once you implement this you have to confirm the techniques are very ideal.

• Challenge yourself – While for students this is the most difficult thing to do but for my friend and math teacher Delfin Odal in the Philippines this is very effective tool to fight fear within you. If you hate math so much for instance, or any other subjects, face it head on. This was my friend’s advice. He said math was his very weak subject back in high school but he challenge himself and instead he enrolled Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (BSMath). Fortunately after a year he began to realize math was only a very easy subject because you don’t have to memorize a thousand words but only a single formula.

• Schedule your study habit at midnight – This may also sound weird for learners but I found it also very effective. It was my friend who actually advised me to change my study habit back in high school. To my surprise he said at 12 midnight. Later, I realized this is very effective because during night time you are very condition to study and memorize even history subjects. In my first week I found it very weird but as months went by I became accustomed to it. The coolness and tranquil of the night will have something which can help you study so seriously. You can easily memorize the lessons taught in school maybe because you are so focused and with no disturbances.

• Just read all your lessons every day never memorize – This is another study habit which many students found very effective. I tried in high school just for curiosity and alas! Really amazing technique too. In just a week of merely reading the lessons its like stored in my memory and I can even remember which pages the topic was all about. My friend says you don’t need to memorize your lessons just read it everyday.